What is NDIS Plan Management? Why do I need a Plan Manager?

When an NDIS participant is given an NDIS Plan, they have a choice of how to manage the budgets allocated to them for reasonable and necessary supports:

NDIA Managed | Self Managed | Plan Managed

If your NDIS plan is NDIA managed, you can only use NDIA registered providers. This limits the amount of providers that you have access to. There are a lot of potential providers, just as capable, just as qualified that are not NDIA registered. This may be because they are a small business and don’t have the time and budget to go through the registration process.

When you are NDIA managed, your NDIA registered provider claims payment directly from the NDIS.

If your plan is Self Managed, you can use both NDIA registered and unregistered providers, however you/your carer have to manage the budgets yourself. This means claiming every invoice in a timely manner from the ATO portal and transferring the paid claim to your provider. You need to figure out the NDIS price guide and check that you are claiming the right hourly rates from the correct budget. You will also need to keep an eye on service agreement budgets signed with providers.

If you are Plan Managed, you can use both NDIA registered and unregistered providers. Your NDIS Plan Manager looks after all your invoices and reimbursements and manages your budgets.

Once you have signed with an NDIS Plan Manager, all you need to do is advise your providers of your Plan Managers details.

Your providers will send your Plan Manager their service agreement/schedule of supports which will lock in a set amount of your budget for the agreed period.

All the invoices from your providers will be sent directly to your Plan Manager. Your Plan Manager will check that invoices comply to NDIA standards and the items are in line with your NDIS budget and service agreements/schedules of support.

It is your Plan Managers role to keep you informed on your budget.

If you chose Able Plan Manager for the NDIS Plan Management. They will provide a monthly funding statement which:

Shows you the monthly spend on each of your budgets

Lists all invoices that have been claimed during the period

Lets you know if you are spending your budget at a reasonable pace. This is important because you want to know that you will have enough funds to cover the whole period of your NDIS plan. NDIS plans are usually 12 months, however they can some times be for other periods of time.

Providers feel more confident with providing you service if your are Plan Managed. They know that NDIS Plan Managers are NDIA registered, so have to comply to the strict standard held by the NDIA. The NDIS expects payment to be made to a provider within 5 business days of the Plan Manager receiving the invoice. Providers have more confidence they will get paid (and on time)

Able Plan Manager will generally pay the provider within 3 days (often sooner) from receiving the invoice. Delays may happen if the invoice is not in line with NDIS standards but we will try to mitigate this by spotting the problem before the invoice goes to the NDIS claiming process.

Therefore, it makes sense to chose Plan Management for your NDIS Plan.

Give Able Plan Manager a call to discuss or sign up.

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